Repair PDF File and Restore Your Invaluable Content from It

Summary – As a long time has passed, PDFs are becoming more popular in e-book writing, making e-brochures, photo albums, business presentations, etc. Other than these purposes, users can also use PDF files for sharing information over the network very easily and safely. But sometimes PDF Files become inaccessible and you need to repair them. Therefore, in this upcoming guide, we will discuss how you can easily repair corrupted or orphaned PDF Files. As well as we will also go through numerous methods to repair PDF file.

PDF or portable document format is one of the most popular file formats. Nowadays, People commonly use this file format for sharing information over the network without causing any changes to the original files’ structure. But sometimes your PDF files may become inaccessible due to corruption. Due to corruption, you can’t open PDF files via any program, Adobe Reader. In such a situation, you need to repair a PDF file by using a professional Tool named Sysinfo PDF Recovery Tool. Via this software, you can successfully any sort of PDF error message.


What are the Reasons for Corrupt PDF Files?

Several factors may cause corruption in PDF files.

  • Most of the time, a PDF file becomes corrupt while you’re uploading and/or downloading it. A weak Internet connection can cause interruption during uploading or downloading PDF files.
  • Virus attack is another common reason for corrupt PDF file. As no computer file is immune to virus attacks, so is the PDF file.
  • Sometimes, a sudden power failure can also cause corruption in PDF files. How? You open a PDF file, and you start working on it, i.e. editing/modifying the content or whatsoever. You face power failure, and your system turns off suddenly. This may give you a corrupt PDF file.
  • Hard disk failure, software malfunction, human errors, etc. are some other reasons for the corrupt PDF file.
  • After typing the wrong passwords so many times, it is advisable to recover your lost PDF Password. As it also leads the Corrupted files.
  • When the PDF file reaches its maximum limit, then we have to split it into small sizes. Otherwise, it leads to the corruption of PDF Files.

Now, we will discuss How Would You Repair Your Orphaned or Damaged PDF File.

How Would You Repair Your Orphaned or Damaged PDF File?

  • If are you also facing similar problems, then you must prefer to use another PDF reader that will aid to read documents or files easily. For Instance, Adobe Acrobat.
  • Make sure to take a backup of your previous file versions.
  • You can split and merge in the form of Graphs, Texts, and many more to extract your crucial information.

Note – Sometimes you can’t open a PDF file or it becomes inaccessible due to corruption. Whenever a PDF file becomes corrupt, Adobe Reader fails to open it or stops responding. In such a critical situation, you may receive some error messages if you try to open a corrupt PDF file. Error messages indicate corruption in PDF files.

PDF Error Message

If you receive a PDF error message, this means the file is corrupt. Here’s the list of the most common PDF error messages:

  • “File is corrupt or damaged.”
  • “This file contains information not understood by the viewer.”
  • “There was an error processing the page. A font contains a bad cmap-encoding.”
  • “There was an error opening this document.”
  • “The root object is missing or invalid.”
  • “File doesn’t begin with %PDF.”
  • “PDF file is not readable with Acrobat Reader.”

How to Repair PDF File?

File corruption is one of the most common and severe issues computer users often face. If a PDF file is corrupt, there’s no way to repair it manually. If you’ve taken its backup earlier, you can successfully restore it. But if there’s no backup, you may find yourself in deep trouble.

Thankfully, there are a handful of 3rd party tools out there to help you repair PDF file. But which one should be chosen is always very challenging. Since most PDF Recovery software is available with the free demo version, you should always evaluate the software before purchasing it.

Professional PDF Recovery Software

Sysinfo PDF Recovery Tool is one of them or perhaps one of the best in the market. It can repair PDF file which is corrupt due to any reason. Via this tool, you can successfully recover text, images, links, comments, bookmarks, document properties, cells, tables, animations, diagrams, etc. from the corrupt PDF file. At a time, you can select multiple PDF files (unlimited) and repair them simultaneously with a single click. The PDF Recovery software works in three different stages:

  • First, it scans corrupt PDF files.
  • Then it shows a preview of the PDF file content.
  • And finally, it recovers the maximum possible data and saves them into a new PDF file.

Working of The Software:

  • First, Install and Run the Software.
  • Choose Single/Multiple files that you want to repair. Make sure to press the three dots option on the right-hand side corner.
  • Press Open Button.
  • After that, you can see on your screen, your selected file is showing on it. Tap Next.
  • Make sure to choose the recovery modes as per your requirements: Standard and Advanced Modes. Click on the Next Button.
  • Users can easily preview their resultant file. Press the Next Button.
  • Select the folder where you want to store the particular file and click on OK.
  • In the end, you can easily see that your resultant file is totally repaired.


Some users face difficulties while opening their password protected PDF files because they have forgotten their passwords. In such case, you must be recommended to use Sysinfo PDF Restriction Remover Tool. As discussed above, there is no manual method to repair PDF file. In the end, decisions should be all yours.

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