Repair ZIP File | Repair RAR File – Easy Manual Tricks

repair ZIP fileZIP and RAR two popular archive file formats which support lossless data compression. They both can contain your data and files in a compressed form, so you can get more free space on your hard disk drive. Unfortunately, any of these archive files are not immune to corruption like other computer files. You can’t extract anything from a corrupt archive file. You must repair ZIP file or RAR file, so that you can extract your data. Continue reading

FAT Data Recovery through FAT Recovery Software

FAT recoveryYou must be familiar with FAT file system. FAT and its different variants commonly used in Windows system. Unluckily, FAT file system may cause severe problems sometimes. You may lose your data and files saved on FAT partition due to numerous reasons (discussed below). A valid backup file can help you restore your lost, deleted or corrupt files. But if you don’t have any, you must try a smart FAT Recovery software for data recovery. Continue reading

Exchange to Notes Migration – EDB to NSF Conversion

Exchange to notesDesktop users excessively use email clients for communication purpose. There are various email clients available in the market, but support different file formats. A time comes when we need to switch from one email client to another, and email migration becomes a necessity task. In this blog post, we’ll discuss on migration from Exchange to Notes, and how to perform EDB to NSF conversion manually without requiring any paid software.  Continue reading

EnCase Data Recovery – Professional Solution for Investigators

EnCase data recoveryEnCase data recovery becomes your necessity when your EWF files become corrupt. EWF files store highly confidential and sensitive information used for digital forensics, cyber security, and e-discovery purpose. All such EnCase data and information become inaccessible due to corruption. In such circumstance, you ought to attempt proficient EnCase data recovery software to recover your EnCase information from corrupt EWF file. Continue reading

Cutting-edge Solution for Removable Media Data Recovery

Removable MediaStorage media failure can cause permanent data loss. Be it a hard disk drive or any external storage media, none is immune to corruption due to numerous factors. Here we’ll talk about removable media corruption. Like an internal hard disk, a removable or any external storage media can be corrupted, and results in data loss. In this blog post, we’ll talk about data corruption and removable media data recovery. Continue reading

Repair VHD File Manually – Utmost Solutions for VHD Recovery

repair VHD fileHave you ever used or created a VHD aka virtual hard disk file? If you’re unfamiliar with this term, I’ll help you understand what exactly a VHD file and what it is used for through this post. I’ll also talk about the corruption in VHD files, and the reasons why a VHD file gets corrupted. And finally the last but very important part will come in which you’ll learn how to repair VHD file. I want you to keep reading this post… Continue reading

An Easy Way to Repair NSF File by using Fixup Tool

repair NSF fileFor Lotus Notes and Domino administrators, corruption is just like a nightmare. It causes inaccessibility of data on certain basis and put harmful effects on your productivity. Luckily corruption can be fixed via Fixup tool, also the exposure to data corruption can be reduced. If you have no idea about this tool and you don’t know how to use it, keep reading this blog post. I’ve shared the trick here to repair NSF file by using Fixup tool. Continue reading

Break Down Your NSF Database via Smart NSF Splitter

split NSF database into multiple partsNSF database may cause serious problems for IBM Notes (Lotus Notes) users if they are large or oversized. Think how difficult the email management task could be if you are having large-sized files. It may affect the performance of IBM Notes, or sometimes it may lead to file corruption. In order to avoid such unwanted occurrence, you can split your NSF database file into multiple smaller parts. Once an NSF database is split Continue reading

Top Most PST Repair/Recovery Tools for Outlook Users

PST repair toolsIs your Outlook mailbox inaccessible due to corruption? You must look for the best PST Repair tools now to fix corruption. Corruption frequently happens in Outlook data file due to several reasons, such as: virus attack, bugs infection, software malfunction, hard disk crash or failure, sudden power outage, etc. But corruption most commonly occurs if PST files exceed their maximum size limit, i.e. 2 GB for ANSI PST and 20-50 GB in Unicode PST. Continue reading

Import VCF to Outlook Profile with an Easy Manual Trick

how to import VCF to Outlook profileThe vCard file format is highly popular in these days for storing contacts information of an individual, business or organization. The vCard format is commonly used for importing and exporting contacts from Windows address books. Sometimes a situation may arise where you urgently need to import VCF to Outlook to access the contacts information. I’m sharing an easy manual trick here in this post that will surely help you. Continue reading