3 Easy Ways to Repair Corrupt VMDK Files on Windows

VMDK is mainly the file extension for VMware machines. This file contains the data of the disk. Any kind of VMDK error can be crucial for the user and therefore fixing such errors is mandatory. You should also protect the VMDK files from corruption, otherwise it is difficult to repair corrupt VMDK files. Before you should fix the corruption issue, be familiar with its causes.

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Causes of VMDK File Corruption

External virus Attacks- Sometimes due to virus intrusion the VMDK files gets corrupted and the user is not able to access. The virus can enter from the external sources or may be from some infected file present in the system.

Abrupt File Closure- It often happens that the user in a hurry closes the file in the middle of the saving process. Such behavior with the VMDK file makes it corrupted and the user can’t access it in future and if you have also done the same then please avoid doing so in future.

Forced System Shutdown- Sometime due to power failure the computer system abruptly closes which harms the opened files and when the user try to access those files, he fails to do so. I would recommend you that always have an electricity backup by using a UPS.

There are many other causes for VMDK File corruption but I have discussed the known ones because in the majority of corruption cases these tree reasons are common. I have told a lot about the causes now let us move directly to the topic that how to fix damaged VMDK Files.

3 Ways to Repair Corrupt VMDK Files

I’ll be discussing three methods which can help you to resolve VMDK Error.

Boot Method

The compilation of VMDK file and *-flat.vmdk makes a complete VMDK File. The (*) denotes the name of the VM Server. The Virtual Machine fails to start whenever the VMDK files gets corrupted. In order to recover the VMDK File follow the steps given below:-

  • Make a Copy of original VMDK File as a Backup.
  • Create a copy of the Pointer file with different VM on your system.
  • Change the fields according to your needs and then save the changes.
  • Finally, Boot the Virtual machine and fix the corruption problem.

In the execution of the whole process you’ll need a technical expertise and the beginner should avoid this technique because a small negligence can lead to the loss of crucial data.

Use Command Prompt

This technique would be suitable for only technical users and therefore beginners should avoid using the cmd techniques. The user who possess good knowledge about cmd command should only go for this techniques.

  • Press Windows + R and then type cmd.
  • Locate the VMware installation file on your PC.
  • Type the Command “vmware-vsdiskmanager.exe”.
  • Press Enter to Run the command.

You might be able to recover corrupt VMDK files using this techniques. But it requires a lot of technical expertise. If you are having sound technical knowledge then this would be the best option to fix the damaged VMDK file.

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VMDK File Recovery Software

No matter if you are a beginner or a novice user but I can guarantee that this tool will surely help you out to repair corrupt VMDK files without any data loss. Remove the hesitation of running this tool because it has a user-friendly GUI and I can assure you that you’ll not face any difficulty in running this tool. On the other hand it helps to recover all the data from corrupt VMDK files without any data loss or data alteration.

How to use VMDK Software?

  • Download and Install VMDK Software.
  • Add the Corrupted File.
  • Choose the mode of scanning according to the level of corruption.
  • Select the File System to NTFS.
  • Once the scanning completes all the recovered data will be displayed in the tree-structured format.
  • Select the files you want to save and click on Save button.

This whole technique will help you to fix the VMDK file error.


Now it totally depend on you that what technique you’ll choose to fix the VMDK file errors. The safety of the VMDK file is in your hands and therefore I have told you the various cause which you can avoid to prevent VMDK Corruption. Coming to the solutions, use the professional software if you are a novice user otherwise the manual techniques will resolve your issues. I hope now you can repair and access Virtual machine files.

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