Methods To Change Outlook Working Offline To Online

Are you Looking For The Solution To Change Outlook Working Offline To Online? If Yes.
Then here you will get the complete methods by which you can easily switch Outlook working Offline to Online.

MS Outlook is a web-based email client used to send and receive information between two users or organizations. When you add a new account to Outlook, Outlook provides you the option to download or synchronize email messages, calendar information, contacts, and tasks in your system. Moreover, It generates a local copy of all the information stored in them, and for this, it uses OST files(Offline Outlook Data file).

OST file is used to store a copy of all the synchronized mailbox information on the computer. When your internet connection is interrupted, without Wifi or connection is disconnected you can still access all the Outlook account data like emails, calendars, contacts, tasks, etc.

Users can read and compose emails, messages, meetings, or add contacts, but these all are in offline mode. They can’t send it and not get a new notification until the Outlook working offline changes to online. Don’t Worry.

In this blog, you can learn about an appropriate method to change Outlook working Offline to Online. Before that, let’s know some possible reasons for offline mode.

Reasons for Disconnect

  1. There might be a problem with the mail server if your internet connection is working.
  2. Users can send and receive emails but get a disconnect icon, then the system needs an update.

These are some possible reasons for Outlook in Offline mode. Let us look at the icon and indicators that indicate users to change Outlook working Offline to Online.

MS Outlook is in Offline Mode

These are some visual cues or indicators you can see when you are in Offline Mode:

  1. Run the Outlook desktop application.
  2. Now, Click on the Send/Receive tab from the taskbar of MS Outlook. And choose the option Work Offline.
    Note: If the Work Offline button is shaded from the background, then it means that you are disconnect.
  3. If MS Outlook is running, then check the taskbar of the system, and if the cross signs present on the Outlook icon, then it shows that your outlook stuck in offline mode.
  4. You can also check the status of Offline by seeing the status bar on the bottom right of Outlook Interface.

After previewing the visual cues and indicators for MS Outlook offline, understand the different methods to solve this question How to change Outlook Offline to Online?

Techniques To Change Outlook Working Offline To Online

Solution 1: Reset the Work Offline Button

  1. Open Microsoft Outlook on the system.
  2. Click on the Send/Receive option from the menu of MS Outlook.
  3. Select the Work Offline option and check that it is shaded or not. If it is shaded, click on them until the Connected status does not display on the screen.

Solution 2: Check Update

In this method, you have to check the status of software present in the system that there is any update present.
If Yes, then update the system and restart MS Outlook again to change Outlook Working Offline to Online.

Solution 3: Create New Profile

There is a chance of fault coming on the specific Outlook account profile. Therefore, you have to create a new Outlook account.

  • Launch the MS Office in the System.
  • launch ms office
  • Click on the File option.
  • In the new window, press the Account Settings. Additionally, in the drop-down menu of Account Settings select the Account Settings (Add and remove accounts or change the existing connection settings).
  • account setting
  • Choose the Outlook profile that you want to remove and click on the Remove button.
  • click remove

Solution 4: Using the Professional Software

If your OST files get corrupted in offline mode, you can not change outlook working offline to online. Opt for this Sysinfo OST to PST Converter. It is one type of Windows OST conversion tool that allows users to restore an OST file into an Outlook PST file without any data loss. It also exports the password-protected OST file to Outlook PST format. Furthermore, it recovers damaged or corrupted Exchange OST files and is compatible with various MS Outlook versions.


As we learn, MS Outlook uses OST files to store data in Offline mode, and stored data might be edit or updated but not send and receive. OST to PST Conversion by Using 3 Easy & Safe DIY Tricks

After that, understand the reasons for MS Outlook in offline mode. Moreover, different methods by which users can change outlook working offline to online.

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