SysInfoTools Outlook Manager Toolkit – Product Review 2019

While using Microsoft Outlook, you may face various issues which can cause a lot of inconvience in your day to day work routine. Although the Outlook client is so popular, it has a few drawbacks which include Outlook management issues and PST file corruption. In such a situation, one should always consider using the professional Outlook Manager Toolkit provided by SysInfoTools Software. Let’s find out what we’re getting in this software and whether it justifies its price tag or not.

For a Windows user, Microsoft Outlook doesn’t need an introduction. I think most of the Windows users are quite familiar with this popular email client. It comes as a part of the Microsoft Office suite, one of the most popular software applications. Being an email client, Microsoft Outlook allows you to send and receive email messages. Also, it works as a personal information manager. It has useful features like contact management, task management, calendar, note-taking, journal creation, and a web browser. You may not get all these different features in just one email client. Therefore, Microsoft Outlook is the standout among other email clients.

However, the situation becomes challenging sometimes for Outlook users. Microsoft Outlook creates an Outlook data file (PST) to store email messages and other data. And sometimes any sort of error in the PST file can cause severe problems. The two most common problems faced by users are

  • Outlook management issues
  • PST file corruption

Outlook Management Issues

Most of the time, the Outlook management issues are associated with the PST file. Outlook management issues most commonly occur in two situations:

  • If you have a large number of PST files
  • And if you have an oversized PST file

In both these situations, you’re likely to face Outlook management issues. How? Let’s suppose you have a large number of PST files in a particular folder. Do you think it’s easy to manage a large number of files at a time? No, it ain’t easy. Having a large number of PST files can surely cause Outlook management issues.

Even if you have a single PST file but its size is too large to handle, you may face problems sooner or later. Let’s suppose you have a PST file and its size is growing day by day. And one day, it reaches its maximum size limit. I hope you must be aware of the PST file size limit. Whenever a PST file reaches its maximum size limit, the file management becomes very tough. Even you start facing Outlook performance issues. Duplicate items are the most common reasons due to which the PST file size increases. A duplicate item can be anything, i.e. an email, contact, etc. In a PST file, it takes the same amount of space as the original item does.

Corrupt PST File

Sometimes an oversized PST file may also lead to corruption. If the PST file reaches its maximum size, it becomes highly prone to corruption if you don’t compact its size in time. Additionally, there are so many reasons responsible for a corrupt PST file. The most common reasons include virus infection, hard disk failure, sudden power outage, software malfunction, etc. So whenever a PST file becomes corrupted due to any of these reasons, it becomes inaccessible. Although Microsoft provides the Inbox Repair tool, called the scanpst utility, it may not work if corruption is severe. In such a situation, you should always consider using a professional PST Repair tool.

Outlook Manager Toolkit

These two common Outlook problems may occur at any time and cause severe problems if not resolved in time. SysInfoTools Software has released its Outlook Manager Toolkit in the online marketplace. This toolkit contains all the essential software applications which are required to manage PST files. Let’s find out the tasks you can accomplish by using this smart Outlook Manager toolkit:

  • Split PST File: If you have a large PST file and you want to make Outlook management easy and effortless, you should use the PST Split tool in this toolkit. This will help you split PST file into two or multiple parts in different ways.
  • Merge PST Files: The PST Merge tool in this toolkit allows you to merge PST files into a single file. It’s always easy to handle a single PST file instead of multiple small files.
  • Remove Outlook Duplicate: Since duplicate items are the most common reasons due to which the PST file size increases, it’s better to remove Outlook duplicate items. In this way, you can get enough free space in the PST file.
  • Import PST Files: If you have numerous PST files which you want to import to the Outlook profile, it may take enough time if you do that manually. In such a situation, you should use the Add PST File tool in this software to import PST files in minimum possible time.
  • Repair PST File: If you have a corrupt PST file due to any reason and the scanpst utility can’t repair it, you should use the PST Repair tool included in this toolkit. It can successfully repair PST file and recover your maximum possible data from it.

What else in this toolkit?

  • PST to PDF Conversion: If you’re looking for a way to save Outlook email as PDF file, you should definitely use the PST to PDF Converter utility included in this toolkit.
  • OST Recovery: If you’re an Exchange Server and looking for a way to repair OST file, the Outlook Manager toolkit has OST Recovery tool that can recover your data from the corrupted OST file and save them into a new PST file.

All the software applications included in this Outlook Manager toolkit support PST files created by all versions of Microsoft Outlook including the latest 2016. Also, the Outlook Manager toolkit runs smoothly under all Windows-based operating systems including the latest Win 10 (32 & 64-bit).


In this article, we’ve gone through the two most common Outlook problems which users may face time to time. The Outlook Manager Toolkit of SysInfoTools Software is the best way to manage PST files without requiring any prior technical expertise. In terms of reliability, performance, and features, this Outlook Manager toolkit really justifies its price tag.


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