Perform Microsoft SQL Password Recovery Safely

SQL password recoveryForgetting things is one of the most common human tendencies. For a computer user, it’s very challenging to remember the passwords of files and user accounts. Unluckily, if you forget or lose the password, you lose access to the files and accounts. If you’ve forgotten or lost SQL Server password, you’ve come to the right place. Here in this post, we’ll discuss SQL password recovery to unlock SQL database.

Microsoft SQL Server

You must have heard about Microsoft SQL Server. It’s a relational database management system, developed by Microsoft. Its primary function is to use SQL aka Structured Query Language code that creates database files, stores and manages your data in them. Also, it allows users to retrieve data from them whenever they need. You can install Microsoft SQL Server on a Server computer system to allow multiple users to access their user accounts and databases over the same network.

SQL Server Accounts

Every single user in Microsoft SQL Server gets a username and password to access SQL Server database files. There’s also a system administrator (SA) in SQL Server who plays a very important role. A System Administrator or SA is a person who maintains Microsoft SQL Server and operates it. The SA role includes tasks which are highly useful for an administrator of the report server. It’s a built-in administrative login in SQL Server. When you install SQL Server on your system, you need to set an SA login password. In Microsoft SQL Server, there are multiple users who have their login name (username) and password to access the database files (MDF).

Generally, these logins provide security against any unauthorized access of database files by any unauthorized user. Therefore, I strongly suggest you keep SQL database files and their logins passwords safely. This will restrict unauthorized users to perform any type of changes or misuse of data. These logins help database users to access their accounts. A database user needs to enter its login name and correct password to access its account.

Forgot SQL Server Password?

Sometimes you may face problems while accessing your account in SQL Server if you lose or forget SQL Server password. Or sometimes unwanted changes in the files can make your account inaccessible. You can’t login to SQL Server account without entering the correct password. In such situation, you may lose access from SQL Server forever. How would you feel if you lose or forget SQL Server password of SA account? Undoubtedly, it’s one of the most frustrating situations for an SQL user.

In such situation, you can easily set a new password for your user account if you’re having the correct password for the system administrator account. But what happens if you don’t have the password or you lose or forget it? Or if the administrator who knows the password of SA account, is not available at that time? In such a critical situation, the only thing you can try is a professional SQL Password Recovery tool.

SQL Password Recovery software is highly capable of cracking the password of user accounts in SQL Server. Usually, SQL Password Recovery tool helps you reset a new password to access your account in SQL Server. It can safely replace the original password of SQL Server account without causing any damage to the original MDF files. Once the password is cracked and you have set a new password, you can re-access your account. SQL Password Recovery tool is very useful in various scenarios.

For example

Think you’re working as an administrator in your company. You operate and maintain your SQL Server. As you’re the administrator, you’re the only person who knows the password of system administrator (SA) account. But unfortunately, you lose or forget the password. And just because of this, you can’t access your system administrator account. In such situation, if you use advanced SQL Password Recovery software that supports unlocking both types of user accounts, i.e. system administrator as well as individual user accounts, you can regain your access to SQL Server as an administrator or an individual user.

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Professional SQL Password Recovery

SQL Password Recovery tool SysInfoTools Software is an advanced solution that helps you unlock SQL database. The software is very helpful for both types of SQL Server user, either you’re working as a system administrator or an individual user in SQL Server. It’ll help you reset SQL Server password by which you can access your SQL Server user account. It supports all major versions of Microsoft SQL Server, such as 2000, 2005, 2008, 2008 R2, 20122014 and 2016. To know more about this software, please visit SysInfoTools Software website and download the free demo version of this software.

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