How to Access Yahoo Mail in Gmail Account?

Yahoo Mail users sometimes prefer to move their emails into their Gmail account. So, if you are also one of them, then read this guide and access Yahoo mail in your Gmail account easily. 

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You can even send messages by Yahoo mail address from the Gmail account with the help of a service provided as Gmailify. It doesn’t require any type of subscription to Yahoo Mail Pro. Before Gmailify was developed in 2016 you can’t send or receive any Yahoo Mail emails via Gmail account or backup G-suite account data without a subscription.  Their features are available now for free and don’t require you to open all Yahoo Mails in Gmail.

How Can View Yahoo Mail in Gmail?

To launch the setup in Gmail to send and receive emails from the Yahoo Mail Account

  • In Gmail, wisely select the icon of gear and then choose settings
  • Now, you have to choose accounts and import
  • From the Check mail from the other accounts section, you need to choose  Add a mail account
  • Then, in the Email address text box, you need to enter Yahoo Mail address and then select Next
  • Now, Choose the Link accounts with Gmailify and after this, choose Next
  • After that, Enter your Yahoo account username/email with the password in the Yahoo mail login page and adjust the permission
  • Now, Choose Agree and Choose ‘Close’ in the window that says ‘You have been Gmailified’
  • Now, in Gmail go to Settings>>Accounts and Import to see the settings that are configured as you planned

Return to the screen at any time for unlinking your Yahoo mail accounts. When you want to select the unlink that will appear next to your Yahoo address, then you can either keep or delete the exported mail from your Yahoo Mail account. 

By following the above steps, you can easily open Yahoo mail in Gmail. After accessing Yahoo mail, you can easily use the Gmail Account to read the Yahoo Email. Yahoo Mail also provides a mail forwarding option but this only applies if you have upgraded your free account to Yahoo Mail Plus. To make ease of reading Yahoo emails in your Gmail account, then you can use the Import feature of Gmail. 

Tricks or Steps to Setup to Access Yahoo Mail in Gmail Account:

  • Firstly, log in to your Gmail account by entering your account credentials 
  • Then, tap on the gear-shaped icon which appears in the upper-right side corner of the screen and select the ‘Settings’ option
  • Tap on the ‘Accounts and Import’ link which appears on the top of the Settings screen
  • Press on ‘Import mail and contacts’ link
  • Then, Enter your Yahoo mail address and click on Continue button
  • Enter your password and press on  Continue and then Gmail checks your Yahoo mail account
  • Now, ask you to select your preferred import option
  • Then, check the box which appears next to the ‘Import Mail’ and hit on the ‘Start Import’  option
  • The emails of your Yahoo mail account will be automatically forwarded to your Gmail account and this process can take 1-2 days to finish.
  • Click on OK when the Finish display comes

These above steps are easy to conduct, but you have to make sure that you are using these steps under a strong internet connection. These steps are also very time-consuming. To save time you can go for a third-party professional tool for accessing Yahoo mail in Gmail.

Automated Method

To open Yahoo mail in Gmail, you can make a backup to access the mail with the help of a third-party professional Yahoo Email Backup Tool. This third-party tool helps you to access all the emails of the Yahoo mail account without any hassle. It provides easy steps to do the procedure and also saves time during the procedure.


Above we have derived the methods to easily access Yahoo Mail in Gmail. We recommended you to use the third-party tool to migrate Yahoo email in Office 365, Gmail or external hard drive. Because the manual method steps are lengthy to do and take time in the processing and there are chances of errors. The tool gives a better result than the manual method. 


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