Easy Tricks to Backup IMAP Email to PST Manually

IMAP helps to access your emails from any device or any place according to your suitability. You are not required to store or download any emails on your system when reading your emails through IMAP. It helps to read your emails directly from the email server.
MS Outlook is an email software that is used to send and receive emails. Also, it helps to open the PST and OST file format in it. OST file format is not portable. So, there can be some safety issues for the IMAP Mails. To secure your IMAP mailbox data, you can backup IMAP email to PST.

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Reasons to Backup IMAP Email to PST

When you configure your email account with the IMAP setting in the email client such as Outlook 2010 or above versions. Email Servers like Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook directly save their data in the OST format. As it is stored locally in the OST format, and OST data is not movable. So, you can import IMAP emails to PST. This will help to ensure the safety of the IMAP mailbox data.

Here, you can refer to the reason for keeping the backup of IMAP Emails to PST that I have mentioned above. Moreover, you can refer to the solutions for queries on how to save IMAP emails locally mentioned below.

Solutions How to Save IMAP Emails Locally?

Import and Export Method to Back IMAP Emails

  1. First, you have to open the MS Outlook and then open the File tab.
  2. After that, click the Import and Export option and then press Import/Export.
  3. You will see the Import and Export wizard on the system.
  4. click export and import
  5. Then, click on the Export to a file option.
  6. click export
  7. Here, you have to tap on the Next button to continue with the process.
  8. After that, choose the IMAP folder for backup purposes and then press the Next option.
  9. hit next
  10. Select the path where you want to keep the backup of the IMAP folder. Then, press the Finish option.
  11. select finish

By using the above method, you can only backup a single mailbox at a particular time. After following the above steps. You can solve the query of how to backup IMAP emails?. If you are not able to maintain the backup of IMAP mails from the above method. Then you can use another method as mentioned below.

Change the setting of IMAP to POP3

  1. First, change the Outlook account setting from IMAP to POP3.
  2. After that, modify your account by using the Correct server setting.
  3. At last, your IMAP data will be saved in the PST file format automatically.

After following the above steps, you can make the backup IMAP email to PST. Also, there were some limitations to these solutions. You can refer to them as mentioned below.

Limitations to the Above Methods

  • These solutions have restrictions on the file size.
  • Also, there is a restriction to choose Mailbox files.
  • It can only backup a single Mailbox file and Data loss is the problem.
  • Also, it is a time-consuming process as you have to follow various steps.
  • A non-technical person can only perform these solutions under complete guidance.

To overcome the above limitations, I recommend Sysinfo IMAP Email Backup Software. This can store IMAP backup locally on your hard drive without any data loss. It keeps the Backup IMAP emails locally on a hard drive or external thumb drives without losing any data loss. Also, you can convert IMAP files into various file formats in bulk.

IMAP Email Backup Software

IMAP backup tool downloads IMAP in various formats such as PST, EML, DOCM, DOC, MBOX, TIFF, etc. IMAP migration tool helps to export contacts from IMAP to CSV. This can make the migration and communication process easier. This helps you to directly download and backup the IMAP emails with the attachment on your system. By using the date range, you can extract IMAP emails from thousands of emails.


As there were some problems to keep IMAP backup in OST format. Due to which I have mentioned some reasons and solutions to keep backup IMAP email to PST. You can perform these solutions very easily. Every solution is mentioned in a step manner. Also, after performing them, I came to know about some limitations. To overcome these limitations, you can refer to the expert solution ie. Sysinfo IMAP Email Backup Software.


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