10 Best Mac Email Migration Software 2019

Mac users often face trouble when it comes to opting for good email migration software because there’s a lot of options to select from. Individually, some may feel frustrated while choosing form a large variety of Mac email migration software.

A variety of  Email Migration utilities are available for Mac systems. But not all utilities can fix user’s migration issues. So, knowing and selecting the right software solution based on your specific needs is important. In this guide, we are explaining the 10 Best Mac Email Migration Software of 2019 to go for.

Before going to know about the email migration software, we should know all the essential key features, an email migration software must offer.

What a Good Email Migration Tool Should Offer?

  • It should convert all types of data in multiple file formats.
  • It should maintain data integrity.
  • (Data integrity is the protection and preservation of information reliability and continuity throughout its life cycle and is a critical aspect of developing, implementing and using any program that stores, processes or retrieves information.)
  • Compatible with all the latest operating systems of Mac.
  • Available as a Demo version for evaluation.
  • Perform high-speed migration in limited time.
  • Allows keeping migrated content protected, such as using SSL encryption.
  • Enable common content (e.g. date range) to be transferred from specific locations (e.g. folders).
  • It should allow multiple client mailboxes to be signed in as an administrator.
  • It should enable the simultaneous relocation of a large set of mailboxes.

Top 10 Mac Email Migration Software

1. Mac MBOX Exporter

If Mac users are looking for a method to export all their Thunderbird data to other email clients then Mac MBOX Exporter can be a useful software for them. Mac MBOX Exporter is a prominent utility that converts MBOX file into PST, EML, EMLX, PDF, HTML, and other file formats on a Mac operating system. With this utility, the risk of data loss is zero as well as it gives the guarantee of 100% conversion without affecting the list of files and folders present in the MBOX file.

A non-technical user can easily use Mac MBOX Exporter as it is having the easiest GUI  which enable to quickly convert MBOX to PST. Using this utility, you can quickly convert MBOX files into other formats in bulk.

Often, locating a single batch of emails from thousands of emails could be challenging for you. This software function allows you to pick a batch of emails from the start date to the end date and convert selected emails to other file formats. This software is compatible with all the major versions of Mac.

2. Mac PST Converter

It is one of the best available Mac utilities that converts PST files into 16 different file formats like MBOX, PDF, EML, EMLX and many more. It is having more advanced features that are rarely found in other software. When someone wants to extract PST data to other email clients then Mac PST Converter helps to export PST files from Outlook to Gmail, Yahoo, Thunderbird, Hotmail, etc. If you have several PST files, then you can convert it without any data loss in a single shot.

Extracting some specific files out of hundreds of files is a difficult task to do. So, this utility has a special feature i.e The date range feature that allows you to search on the basis of start and end date. In this tool, there are two modes of PST conversion that are based on user needs. If you want to save a particular folder of PST files then a “single-mode” can be a good option and to save all the folder of PST then “multiple-mode” can be a better option.

3. Mac EMLX Converter

One solution that is fully compatible with the Mac OS for the EMLX file conversion process is Mac EMLX Converter. To save time and effort, EMLX files can be converted in bulk. The user is allowed to convert EMLXinto other file formats such as EML, MSG, XML, HTML, MHT, MBOX, etc. A non-technical user can easily handle this tool and can perform EMLX conversion in no-time. Users can also directly export their EMLX data to other email clients like Thunderbird, Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, and IMAP.

If you don’t know the date of email saving and want to search then there is a special functionality that allows you to pick or delete the date range of the EMLX address. You can pick emails that are important to them and, if the generated date is known, can leave the non-important ones. This utility helps in saving Mac mailbox EMLX email files with all their attachments and data to other email clients such as Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, etc.

Mac EMLX Converter is compatible with all versions of Mac. All the functionalities properly work on any one of the versions of Mac OS. All these features make this utility one of the 10 best Mac email migration software.

4. Mac EML Converter

It is entirely built to convert all EML messages into 10+ file formats. Mac EML Converter can run smoothly without any external guidance. Even a non-technical user can run this utility because it is having a great user-friendly interface.

If you are having more than one file to export into other formats then this utility helps to save one or more mail files in different file formats such as PDF, EMLX, MBOX, MSG, HTML, TXT, MHT, etc. The software comes with a  Date Range feature for sorting and exporting specific EML files to appropriate file formats according to the specified dates.

The Mac EML Migrator comes with a naming convention feature. It helps you to rename transformed files based on the content found within the file. Such a feature helps to avoid ambiguity so that you can easily differentiate between different files. It maintains data-integrity so the resulting directory folder structure remains the same as in the previous EML file.

5. Mac MSG Converter

The most elevated utility that converts MS Outlook MSG files into 15 + file formats such as PDF, PST, MBOX, EML, EMLX, TXT, HTML, etc. You can also export MSG files directly to Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, Zimbra, Thunderbird, etc. without any data loss.

Selective email conversions can also be performed using this Mac MSG Converter. Suppose you want to convert MSG to PDF, then you can define start and end dates between the Date Range filter choice. It is one of the best tools for exporting all your Outlook MSG files to other email clients on Mac. It also extracts all the emails with attachments so nothing to worry about your email attachments.

The integrity of the data is maintained by this software which results in no loss of data. It offers a naming convention for Mac that allows you to rename the files for handling them conveniently after the conversion.

 6. Mac OLM Converter

To migrate Mac Outlook OLM files to different file formats in one single go, Mac OLM Migrator is the best utility. Users generally migrate Mac Outlook to Windows Outlook that is quite a hustle. But now you can migrate Mac Outlook to Windows Outlook easily with Mac OLM Converter that converts Mac OLM files to PST.

If you are willing to convert OLM files to other file formats then this utility allows you to convert OLM to EML, EMLX, MSG, MBOX, MHT, HTML, PDF, and TXT formats as well. You can convert single as well as multiple OLM files using Single and Multiple modes.

It maintains data integrity by keeping the data intact when transferring from one format to another. One of the special features is when there is a lot of replicas of the data then you can easily remove duplicate content by using Mac OLM Converter.

7. Mac Office 365 Backup and Restore

Office 365 Backup and Restore utility offers an excellent way to back up and migrate Office 365 emails, contacts, calendars in multiple file formats. The tool can be used to export O365 data to Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, Thunderbird, Zimbra and IMAP profile. Mac O365 backup and restore utility will also help you to restore a backup of data instantly back to Office 365 account.

You can also save Office 365 emails to PST, MSG, MBOX, EML, EMLX, PDF, HTML, MHTML, and TXT formats. Later, you can export the resulted file to the designated email client.

It excludes empty folders during the backup process. After taking backup it saves the resulting backup file to the desired device location. All the above features together make it one of the 10 Best Mac Email Migration Software of 2019.

8. Mac Gmail Backup

Looking for a method to export Gmail emails to other email clients? If yes! Then this utility is going to be a useful resource for you. Mac Gmail Backup tool can help you to export all the Gmail account emails with attachments, documents, contacts, and affiliated Google drive data. You are free to export the Gmail account’s targeted folders as well.

You can easily connect to the Gmail account and can export Gmail emails to Outlook, Thunderbird, Yahoo, Zimbra, and IMAP profile. The tool also offers a way to export or forward emails from one Gmail account to another Gmail account.

It is having a simple GUI and works in a very fast way. Most of the Mac users have already loved its GUI and its performance speed. You can also free up the Gmail server space by using the “delete after download” feature. One of the special features is filtering email items by Date Range option, it can filter a similar batch of emails. It can be executed on all the major Mac OS versions.

9. Mac Yahoo Backup

A widely used utility when Yahoo users want to migrate emails to other email clients or want to access data offline. Mac Yahoo Backup helps them to download Yahoo mails to their computer hard drive as well. The tool can be used to export all the mailbox data items like emails, documents, attachments, sent items, etc to the desired format.

The utility offers Mac users to export yahoo emails to Gmail, Outlook, Thunderbird, Zimbra, and IMAP profile. You can also convert Yahoo emails to PST, EML, EMLX, MSG, MBOX, MHT, HTML, TXT, and PDF file format.

By Mac Yahoo Backup you can download Yahoo emails as a backup on your computer’s hard drive. The tool offers a great way to convert only selected email folders and it also lets you filter the email items using date range feature. With this feature, you can provide a date range and it will extract only those emails that lie in that particular timespan.

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10. Mac Hotmail Backup

Mac Hotmail Backup is a great way to download, convert and migrate Hotmail emails.  This tool can be used as a Migrator, converter, and downloads Hotmail mailbox. You can export Hotmail emails to PST, MBOX, PDF, EML, EMLX, MSG, HTML, and TXT file formats. Later, you can ex[port the resulted file to designated email client or environment.

The tool can also be used to migrate Hotmail to Gmail, Outlook, Thunderbird, Zimbra, and IMAP profile. It can successfully migrate all the mailbox content like inbox, sent mails, drafts, contacts, calendars, and journals to other email clients.

You can pause and resume the entire process if there is any interruption during the saving process. If you are willing to switch from one Hotmail account to others on Mac then this utility comes in use.

Date range and naming convention options are also available for user convenience. The date range filter extracts only particular email items from a specific time span and you can rename the resulting files by naming convention option.

Last Words

We have discussed 10 Best Mac Email Migration Software in 2019. As each of the above software work for different migration processes so you can select any of them as per your needs. All these tools are compatible with major Mac OS systems and can be easily used to perform a successful email migration on Mac.


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