Repair Exchange Database with an Easy Manual Trick

repair Exchange databaseOnce it comes to losing your crucial Exchange Server data, the situation becomes challenging for you. Exchange Server database corruption is the most likely cause behind this situation, and repair Exchange database is the only way to restore your data. Instead of using a paid professional tool, you can try the built-in tools of Exchange Server, i.e. Eseutil and Isinteg. In this post, you’ll learn how to use them to repair Exchange database. Continue reading “Repair Exchange Database with an Easy Manual Trick”

Backup Exchange Server via Three Easy Methods

backup exchange serverDo you want to backup Exchange Server? It plays a very crucial role in large businesses and organizations. Any sort of data loss can cause severe problems to the server administrators. In computing, backup means making the copies of data and files into a single file, known as a backup file. It should be a routine part of your life so that you can restore files during data loss due to accidental deletion and corruption. Continue reading “Backup Exchange Server via Three Easy Methods”