Backup Exchange Server via Three Easy Methods

backup exchange serverDo you want to backup Exchange Server? It plays a very crucial role in large businesses and organizations. Any sort of data loss can cause severe problems to the server administrators. In computing, backup means making the copies of data and files into a single file, known as a backup file. It should be a routine part of your life so that you can restore files during data loss due to accidental deletion and corruption. Continue reading “Backup Exchange Server via Three Easy Methods”

EnCase Data Recovery – Professional Solution for Investigators

EnCase data recoveryEnCase data recovery becomes your necessity when your EWF files become corrupt. EWF files store highly confidential and sensitive information used for digital forensics, cyber securitye-discovery and many other purposes. All such EnCase data and information become inaccessible due to corruption. In such a situation, you must use proficient EnCase data recovery software to recover EnCase information from corrupt EWF file. Continue reading “EnCase Data Recovery – Professional Solution for Investigators”

Cutting-edge Solution for Removable Media Data Recovery

Removable MediaStorage media failure can cause permanent data loss. Be it a hard disk drive or any external storage media, none is immune to corruption due to numerous factors. Let’s talk about removable media corruption. Like an internal hard disk, a removable or any external storage media can be corrupted and results in data loss. In this blog post, we’ll talk about data corruption and removable media data recovery. Continue reading “Cutting-edge Solution for Removable Media Data Recovery”

Break Down Your NSF Database via Smart NSF Splitter

split NSF database into multiple partsNSF database may cause serious problems for IBM Notes (Lotus Notes) users if they are large or oversized. Think how difficult the email management task could be if you’re having large-sized files. It may affect the performance of IBM Notes, or sometimes it may lead to file corruption. In order to avoid such unwanted occurrence, you can split your NSF database file into multiple smaller parts. Once an NSF database is split into Continue reading “Break Down Your NSF Database via Smart NSF Splitter”

Get a Fix for Outlook Connection Issues Here

Outlook connection issuesHave you ever faced Outlook connection issues while using Microsoft Outlook with Exchange Server? Being an Outlook user, you may often report having a problem while connecting Outlook to Exchange. This could be a frustrating situation or scenario for an Outlook user as nobody can resolve it permanently since there’s no ultimate fix for it. However, you can do a number of things to fix Outlook connection issues, if possible. Continue reading “Get a Fix for Outlook Connection Issues Here”

Repair DBX File Manually – Outlook Express Recovery

repair DBX fileDo you have corrupt DBX file? Do you want to repair DBX file? Though MS Outlook is the most popular email client among Windows users, some people are still using the old email client, Outlook Express. Like Outlook users, you can also face corruption if you’re using Outlook Express. DBX folders which store mailbox data are prone to corruption. Due to a number of reasons,  corruption may occur and you may lose your crucial emails. Continue reading “Repair DBX File Manually – Outlook Express Recovery”

PST to DBX Conversion – Do it Yourself with Easy Manual Trick

pst to dbxSwitching from Outlook Express to Outlook seems to be quite common in these days. People switch their old email client to Outlook due to many reasons. But sometimes users need to switch from their Outlook email client to the old Outlook Express. As Outlook Express doesn’t support PST file, you can’t access your mailbox content stored in Outlook data files. In such situation, you need to convert Continue reading “PST to DBX Conversion – Do it Yourself with Easy Manual Trick”

Perform PST Password Recovery via PST19UPG.EXE

PST password recoveryPST password recovery is all you need if you’ve lost PST file password. Without a correct password, you just can’t access or open your Outlook data file. In such situation, you have two options: whether you can remove PST file password to unlock PST file, or you can try a professional PST Password Recovery software to restore PST password. In this blog, you’ll find the manual solution as well as a professional way to unlock PST file. Continue reading “Perform PST Password Recovery via PST19UPG.EXE”