PDF Split and Merge is Now Easy For You – Do it Yourself

PDF split and mergeAre you having management issues with PDF documents? If you’re having a large PDF document, you may face issue while opening it on Adobe Reader. It may take a lot of time, or your system may hang. On the other hand, if you’re having multiple PST files, i.e. 100 to 1000, it may cause troubles in handling and management. In such situation, you should look forward to PDF split and merge. Continue reading “PDF Split and Merge is Now Easy For You – Do it Yourself”

Safely Compact PST File using Outlook Compact Feature

compact pstOutlook users are primarily concerned about PST file size limit. If PST is in ANSI format, you can’t store more than 2 GB data. On the other hand, Unicode PST can store up to 20 to 50 GB data. If your PST file is large in size, it may cause performance issues. But if it exceeds the size limit, it leads to corruption. In such situation, you can try Outlook Compact feature Continue reading “Safely Compact PST File using Outlook Compact Feature”

Let’s Know How to Repair BKF File – Professional BKF Recovery

repair bkf fileConsider a scenario where you delete few of your very important files from your computer system. Or, you face corruption and all your important data and files become inaccessible. The situation is still under control here as you’re having a backup file. You try to restore your data from it, but you just can’t. You find the backup file is itself corrupt. Now the question is how to repair BKF file Continue reading “Let’s Know How to Repair BKF File – Professional BKF Recovery”

Upgrade Outlook PST – ANSI to Unicode & Unicode to ANSI

Upgrade OutlookIf you want to prevent corruption due to 2 GB size limitation, you can upgrade Outlook. Older Outlook version use ANSI format to store mailbox content not more than 2 GB. On the other hand, the newer Outlook versions use Unicode format which has maximum 20 to 50 GB. Sometimes users can also need to downgrade Outlook due to any personal or official reason. In this blog post, you’ll read a manual trick to upgrade Outlook. Continue reading “Upgrade Outlook PST – ANSI to Unicode & Unicode to ANSI”

Deleted Photo Recovery – Free Photo Recovery Software

photo recovery softwareHave you lost pictures and photos from the system or digital camera? Photos and pictures play very important part in our lives. I can imagine what you’re going through here. Their loss due to any reason, be it accidental deletion or corruption, is always not affordable. You must be looking for a fix here. If you have a backup, you can restore lost photos from it. But if you don’t have it, you must try Photo Recovery software to recover Continue reading “Deleted Photo Recovery – Free Photo Recovery Software”

Exchange to Notes Migration – EDB to NSF Conversion

Exchange to notesDesktop users excessively use email clients for communication purpose. There are various email clients available in the market which support different file formats. A time comes when we need to switch from one email client to another, and email migration becomes a necessary task. In this post, we’ll discuss on Exchange to Notes migration, and how to perform EDB to NSF conversion Continue reading “Exchange to Notes Migration – EDB to NSF Conversion”

Email Migration – Migrate Emails From One Client to Another

email migrationHave you ever been in a situation where you need to perform email migration? How did you deal with that? Emails are extremely popular in these days due to the features like fast, convenient and affordable. And just because of these features, it has become an effective communication tool. Being an inexpensive form of communication, it only requires a device, be it a computer Continue reading “Email Migration – Migrate Emails From One Client to Another”

FAT Data Recovery through FAT Recovery Software

FAT recoveryYou must be familiar with FAT file system. FAT and its different variants commonly used in Windows system. Unluckily, FAT file system may cause severe problems sometimes. You may lose your data and files saved on FAT partition due to numerous reasons. A valid backup file can help you restore lost, deleted or corrupt files. But if you don’t have any, you must try a smart FAT Recovery software for data recovery. Continue reading “FAT Data Recovery through FAT Recovery Software”

Password Protect PDF is Easy With Adobe Acrobat Pro

password protect PDFIn this modern era, nothing is more crucial than our computer data. Being a computer user, we know the importance of our computer data and files. Hence its security has become a primary concern for all of us. We are quite familiar with portable document format. It is the most popular file format which is commonly used around the world. We are highly cautious regarding its security, therefore we must password protect PDF files. Continue reading “Password Protect PDF is Easy With Adobe Acrobat Pro”

Repair Exchange Database with an Easy Manual Trick

repair Exchange databaseOnce it comes to losing your crucial Exchange Server data, the situation becomes challenging for you. Exchange Server database corruption is the most likely cause behind this situation, and the only way to restore your data is to repair Exchange database. Instead of using a paid professional tool, you can try the built-in tools of Microsoft Exchange Server, i.e. Eseutil and Isinteg. In this post, you’ll learn how to use them to repair Exchange database. Continue reading “Repair Exchange Database with an Easy Manual Trick”