Repair ZIP File | Repair RAR File – Easy Manual Tricks

repair ZIP fileZIP and RAR two popular archive file formats which support lossless data compression. They both can contain your data and files in a compressed form, so you can get more free space on your hard disk drive. Unfortunately, any of these archive files are not immune to corruption like other computer files. You can’t extract anything from a corrupt archive file. You must repair ZIP file or Continue reading “Repair ZIP File | Repair RAR File – Easy Manual Tricks”

Protect against Ransomware Attacks to Save Your Data

ransomware attacksOver the past few years, Ransomware has been one of the topmost cyber security threats or cyber extortion for the computer users. On 12th May 2017, it was reported that Ransomware attacks have infected more than 230,000 computers in over 150 countries including the United Kingdom. This worldwide cyber attack, named WannaCry Ransomware attack, was done Continue reading “Protect against Ransomware Attacks to Save Your Data”

Repair Word Document by using 4 Easy Manual Tricks

repair Word documentAre you looking for a solution to repair Word document? As no computer file is immune to corruption, so is the Word document. Due to corruption, you may lose your crucial data. Luckily, there are few manual tricks which can help you repair Word document without requiring any paid software or spending any cost. Also, you can try advanced Word recovery tool to recover Continue reading “Repair Word Document by using 4 Easy Manual Tricks”

Use scanost.exe (Integrity Check tool) to Repair OST File

how to repair OST fileAre you having corruption in your local Outlook offline folders? If you want to repair OST file, you’ve come to the right place. You should be duly thankful to Microsoft for providing scanost.exe to repair OST file. OST aka offline storage table is an Outlook offline folder file created on a local system. It’s very similar to PST aka personal storage table used for storing email and other mailbox data. Continue reading “Use scanost.exe (Integrity Check tool) to Repair OST File”

VMDK Recovery Software Helps You Recover Files From VMDK

VMDK recovery softwareHave you ever heard about VMDK? Have you ever used Virtual Machine? VMDK aka Virtual Machine Disk is a specific image file format used for Virtual Machine disk files. You can access it as a physical hard disk with VMware software. There are some pros and cons associated with a VMDK file. We’ll discuss them later in this blog post. Also, we’ll learn how to recover files from VMDK using VMDK recovery software. Continue reading “VMDK Recovery Software Helps You Recover Files From VMDK”

Repair NSF File by using Fixup Tool – Easy Manual Trick

repair NSF fileFor Lotus Notes and Domino administrators, corruption is just like a nightmare. It causes inaccessibility of data on a certain basis and put harmful effects on your productivity. Luckily you can fix corruption via the Fixup tool, also you can reduce the exposure to data corruption. If you have no idea about this tool and you don’t know how to use it, keep reading this blog post. I’ve shared a trick here to repair NSF file using the Fixup tool. Continue reading “Repair NSF File by using Fixup Tool – Easy Manual Trick”

Hard Disk Failure Top 5 Reasons – Windows Data Recovery

reasons for hard disk failureHard disk failure is the most difficult circumstance a computer user can ever confront. This may bring about data loss situation. Being an imperative part of the computer, hard disk failure can bring about extreme issues. You can’t use a computer system if it doesn’t have a hard disk. Indeed, even an invalid or corrupt hard disk can bring about inaccessibility. Before going further, let’s first discuss hard disk and its significance. Continue reading “Hard Disk Failure Top 5 Reasons – Windows Data Recovery”

Deleted Photo Recovery – Free Photo Recovery Software

photo recovery softwareHave you lost pictures and photos from the system or digital camera? Photos and pictures play very important part in our lives. I can imagine what you’re going through here. Their loss due to any reason, be it accidental deletion or corruption, is always not affordable. You must be looking for a fix here. If you have a backup, you can restore lost photos from it. But if you don’t have it, you must try Photo Recovery software to recover Continue reading “Deleted Photo Recovery – Free Photo Recovery Software”

FAT Data Recovery through FAT Recovery Software

FAT recoveryYou must be familiar with FAT file system. FAT and its different variants commonly used in Windows system. Unluckily, FAT file system may cause severe problems sometimes. You may lose your data and files saved on FAT partition due to numerous reasons. A valid backup file can help you restore lost, deleted or corrupt files. But if you don’t have any, you must try a smart FAT Recovery software for data recovery. Continue reading “FAT Data Recovery through FAT Recovery Software”

Repair Exchange Database with an Easy Manual Trick

repair Exchange databaseOnce it comes to losing your crucial Exchange Server data, the situation becomes challenging for you. Exchange Server database corruption is the most likely cause behind this situation, and repair Exchange database is the only way to restore your data. Instead of using a paid professional tool, you can try the built-in tools of Exchange Server, i.e. Eseutil and Isinteg. In this post, you’ll learn how to use them to repair Exchange database. Continue reading “Repair Exchange Database with an Easy Manual Trick”