Top Most PST Repair Tools for Microsoft Outlook Users

PST repair toolsIs your Outlook mailbox inaccessible due to corruption? Now you must look for the best PST Repair tool to repair PST file. Corruption frequently happens in Outlook data file due to various reasons, such as virus attack, bugs infection, software malfunction, hard disk crash or failure, sudden power outage, etc. But corruption most commonly occurs if PST files exceed their maximum size limit, i.e. 2 GB for ANSI PST file and 20-50 GB for Unicode PST file. Continue reading

Repair PST File by using Inbox Repair Tool (scanpst.exe)

repair PST fileAre you having corruption in your Outlook data files? You may lose your crucial email messages and other mailbox content until you repair PST file. Luckily Microsoft provides you Inbox Repair tool scanpst.exe for scanning corrupt PST file and to repair it. But if it fails due to severe corruption, you should look for a professional recovery solution. Keep reading this blog post to know how to repair PST file via scanpst.exe. Continue reading

Use scanost.exe (Integrity Check tool) to Repair OST File

how to repair OST fileAre you having corruption in your local Outlook offline folders? If you want to repair OST file, you’ve come to the right place. You should be duly thankful to Microsoft for providing scanost.exe to repair OST file. OST aka offline storage table is an Outlook offline folder file created on a local system. It’s very similar to PST aka personal storage table used for storing email and other mailbox data. Continue reading

DBX Repair Manual Trick – Repair Outlook Express Files

dbx repairIs DBX repair what you’re looking for here? Though MS Outlook is the most popular email client among Windows users, some people are still using the old email client, Outlook Express. Like Outlook users, you can also face corruption if you’re using Outlook Express. DBX folders which store your mailbox data are prone to corruption. Due to numerous reasons, they become corrupt and you may lose your crucial emails. Continue reading