Repair Access Database with Compact and Repair Utility

repair Access databaseAre you looking for a solution to repair Access database or to recover data from it? You’ve come to the right place at the right time. I’m sharing useful information to repair Access database manually. This means you have no need to use any such paid tool that may cost you up to $100. You should consider a professional tool only when manual tricks fail to repair Access database. Keep reading this article for more information. Continue reading

Repair SQL Database File via SQL Server Management Studio

repair SQL databaseDatabase corruption is one of the most frustrating situations for any individual, be it database administrator or database user. And the only challenge for SQL Server users is to repair SQL database. SQL Server database contains highly precious data and information. But any sort of corruption may put your data at high risk. Just like any other file, SQL database file is also prone to corruption. And due to this, you may lose your data. Continue reading

SharePoint Server Recovery – Common Mistakes You Should Avoid

SharePoint Server RecoverySharePoint users often experience failure or crash due to various reasons. Such an inappropriate action certainly causes corruption in SharePoint database. You can’t open or access a corrupt database file until unless you repair it. Repairing corrupt database might be challenging sometimes due to severe corruption. In such situation, you should consider using a smart SharePoint Server Recovery tool to restore SharePoint data. Continue reading

Repair SQLite Database via SQLite Data Recovery Tool

repair SQLite databaseLike any other database file, SQLite database is also highly prone to corruption. There might be a number of reasons which may cause SQLite database corruption. We’ll discuss them later here in this post. Also, we’ll learn how to diagnose that our SQLite database is an inaccessible state. And most importantly, we’ll find out how to repair SQLite database file and save our crucial data. Continue reading

Repair Exchange Database with an Easy Manual Trick

repair Exchange databaseOnce it comes to losing your crucial Exchange Server data, the situation becomes challenging for you. Exchange Server database corruption is the most likely cause behind this situation, and repair Exchange database is the only way to restore your data. Instead of using a paid professional tool, you can try the built-in tools of Exchange Server, i.e. Eseutil and Isinteg. In this post, you’ll learn how to use them to repair Exchange database. Continue reading