Exchange to Notes Migration – EDB to NSF Conversion

Exchange to notesDesktop users excessively use email clients for communication purpose. There are various email clients available in the market, but support different file formats. A time comes when we need to switch from one email client to another, and email migration becomes a necessity task. In this post, we’ll discuss on Exchange to Notes migration, and how to perform EDB to NSF conversion manually without using paid software. Continue reading

Get Lotus Notes Tutorial for Lotus Notes Migration

Lotus notes migrationThe Lotus Notes Migration tools, also known as nUpgrade.exe, allows users to migrate mailbox data from Outlook Express, Microsoft Outlook and Exchange Server to IBM Notes. The nUpgrade.exe is useful for you if you’re switching from Outlook Express or Outlook to IBM Lotus Notes. Here I’ve explained it all about Lotus Notes Migration tools and how to install them on your system. Keep reading this post…! Continue reading

Email Migration – Migrate Emails From One Client to Another

email migrationHave your ever walked into a situation where you need to perform email migration? How did you deal with that? Emails are extremely popular in these days due to their fast, convenient and affordability features. And just because of these, it has become an effective communication tool. Being an inexpensive form of communication, it only requires a device, be it a computer system or a mobile device, with a proper internet connection Continue reading

MBOX to PST Manual Conversion – An Easy Tutorial

mbox to pstSwitching from one email client to another is very common in these days. Generally, users switch email clients due to corporate constraint or any personal reason. Are you switching to Microsoft Outlook email client from the old one? If your old email client stores mailbox data in MBOX format, you just can’t open them in Outlook. In such situation, you have to convert MBOX to PST format. I’m sharing two utmost solutions here. Continue reading

Import PST to NSF Database by using nUpgrade.exe

PST to NSFAre you switching from Microsoft Outlook to Lotus Notes? You must be looking for a solution that can help you convert PST to NSF format, so that you can access your old mailbox data in IBM Notes client. If we talk about professional solutions, there are many in the market for such purpose. Also, you can try an easy manual trick to import PST to NSF database of Lotus Notes from Microsoft Outlook with the help if nUpgrade.exe. Continue reading

Convert EDB to PST Format by using ExMerge.exe Utility

EDB to PSTMany times in my blog, I’ve discussed about Microsoft Exchange Server and its database file, called Exchange database. Sometimes Exchange Server user needs to import their mailbox content to Outlook’s PST file. But sometimes this becomes challenging for Exchange users as Exchange Server stores data in EDB file, a format not supported by Outlook. In such situation, the only way is convert EDB to PST format. Continue reading

Manual Way to Convert NSF to PST Format Effortlessly

NSF to PSTConversion of NSF to PST format becomes necessity if you’re migrating from Lotus Notes and Outlook. Though both are popular email client applications, but use different file formats to store mailbox data, i.e. NSF in Lotus Notes and PST in Outlook. You can’t export your emails from Lotus Notes to Outlook directly without converting NSF to PST format. Luckily, there’s a manual trick to export Lotus notes email to Outlook. Continue reading

Converting PST to MBOX Format Manually is Now Easy

PST to MBOXMicrosoft provides you a popular office suite, known as Microsoft Office, for Windows as well as Mac users. If you’re using Office for Windows, you’ll get an email application, known as MS Outlook. But if you’re using MS Office for Macintosh, you’ll get Mac Entourage instead of Outlook. But in the latest MS Office for Mac 2011, Mac Entourage has been replaced by Outlook for Mac. But here in this blog, we’ll talk about Windows Outlook Continue reading

Convert OLM to PST Manually – An Easy Step-by-Step Guide

olm to pstIn this blog, we’ll discuss how to convert OLM to PST format via an easy manual trick. Email conversion certainly becomes a vital need if you’re switching from one email client to another. Though Microsoft provides Outlook email client for both platforms, i.e. Windows and Mac, but they don’t support same formats. If you’ve switched from Outlook for Mac to Windows Outlook, you’ll definitely need to perform OLM to PST conversion. Continue reading

Convert DBX to PST Format Manually – 3 Easy Steps

DBX to PSTDBX file in Outlook Express stores mailbox data of a user. You can’t open a DBX file in Microsoft Outlook. To do this, first you need to import them to Outlook. There’s an easy manual trick to convert DBX to PST format of MS Outlook, it might be little tricky sometimes. A step-by-step guidance can help you perform this action. But make sure one thing here! Before performing any manual trick, take backup of DBX files and store them in a safe place. Continue reading