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A warm welcome to N. Sem’s Blog, a place where you can find smart manual tricks and solutions to fix your data recovery, email management and email migration issues.

naitik_semwaalMy dear readers, allow me to introduce myself here. My name is Naitik Semwaal, a London-based technical writer, and an active blogger. I feel proud to be known to the world as the founder of N. Sem’s Blog. I am a management student, currently studying M.Sc International Business from Leeds University Business School. Being a good student, I am fairly responsible and hard-working. Besides study, I like to do writing. I started writing when I was doing my high school. First I wrote for my school magazines, columns, and local newspapers. After completing my schooling, I moved to IT sector where I learned many things about computers. I did many advanced courses which truly helped me gaining knowledge and other useful information in computing. I am a certified computer professional with over 5 years of experience in IT industry. Today, I can see myself well-established as an incorporated consultant.

Before creating this blog, I found EzineArticles the best thing to start with. I created an author page there and started writing articles. Being an expert author in such an esteemed article directory, I feel deeply honored. Technical writing is always one of my passions, and I truly enjoy it. After being told by friends that I’m having a unique talent for writing, I started writing for computer programs.

N. Sem's Blog

Why N. Sem’s Blog?

My site N. Sem’s Blog is thoroughly dedicated to helping my readers. In 2013, I started N. Sem’s Blog with a primary motto of providing result-oriented tips and tricks which are performed manually, i.e. without using a third-party paid application. Through this Blog, I show how easy it can be to resolve issues related to data recovery, email management, and email migration. I am a keen user of Microsoft products, currently using 20+ products provided by Microsoft Corporation.

Please feel free to contact me through an email message. I would feel happy to assist you!

You can send me an email message at info@semnaitik.com & sem_naitik@hotmail.co.uk

I heartily thank you for visiting my blog.