Converting PST to MBOX Format Manually is Now Easy

PST to MBOXMicrosoft provides you a popular office suite, known as Microsoft Office, for Windows as well as Mac users. If you’re using Office for Windows, you’ll get an email application, known as MS Outlook. But if you’re using MS Office for Macintosh, you’ll get Mac Entourage instead of Outlook. In the latest MS Office for Mac 2011, Mac Entourage has been replaced by Outlook for Mac. But here in this blog, we’ll talk about Windows Outlook and Mac Entourage and how to convert Outlook PST to MBOX format.

Windows Outlook v/s Mac Entourage

Before we can start the discussion on PST to MBOX conversion, let’s first talk about Windows Outlook and Mac Entourage. Both the programs are email client as well as personal information manager. Due to having such similarity, both these programs provide mailing service as well as calendar, address book, task list, note list and other functionalities. Besides these, Windows Outlook supports Web browsing and Mac Entourage supports Project managing. Like Windows Outlook, Mac Entourage also supports retrieving email using POP and IMAP mail account and you can configure it with Microsoft Exchange Servers.

There’s a major difference between these programs that they both use different types of file to stores their mailbox data. As you know that Windows Outlook stores all the mailbox data into an Outlook data file, called PST aka Personal Storage Table. But Mac Entourage doesn’t support this file format. It creates MBOX file, an email storage file that organizes email messages in a single text file.

Important note

There are various email clients which create and support MBOX file format, such as Thunderbird, OperaMail, AppleMailEntourageNetscapeSpicebird, IncrediMailEudoraPocoMail, Evolution, ClawsMail, Sylpheed, SeaMonkey, Mulberry, etc.

Sometimes an Outlook user may in need to convert PST to MBOX format. The reason could be anything, for example: if you’re switching to Entourage from Windows Outlook. Or if you want to send the PST file to your client who uses Mac Entourage.


An Easy Way to Convert Outlook PST to MBOX Format

There’s a manual technique by using which you can try to import the data from Windows Outlook PST files into Mac Entourage MBOX format. But before performing this, be sure to take backup of the original PST file and perform the technique on a duplicate copy of the file.

Synchronization of IMAP mail account with Windows Outlook

First of all, you need to create an IMAP mail account and Gmail is the best option. Read this blog to know how to configure an IMAP mail account in Outlook. After that, synchronize it with Windows Outlook. To synchronize the IMAP mail account to Windows Outlook, follow the steps given below:

Step 1: Login to your Gmail account. Now click the Gear button on the top at the right-hand side.

Step 2: From the scrolled down list, click Settings to go to the settings page.

Step 3: On the Settings page, click Labels tab at the top. And click Create new label button to create a new label.

Step 4: Once the new label has been created, go to your Windows Outlook and click Send/Receive button to update the IMAP mailbox.

Note: While creating a new label, make sure the label is shown and the Show in IMAP box is checked.

Moving of emails and other mailbox data to IMAP mailbox folder 

Once the IMAP Mail account has been synchronized with your Outlook, you need to move all the mailbox data from the PST file to the IMAP mailbox folder. To do this, follow the steps given below:

Note: Don’t open Microsoft Outlook client on your system.

Step 1: First of all, open the Outlook profile.

Go to Control Panel and search for Mail. Then click Data files.

Step 2: Select the IMAP account and click on Open Folder to open the folder that contains the PST files.

Step 3: Move the PST to any desired location. But do not rename the file. Outlook will create a new file at the default location. If you try to rename the file, the file can only be moved.

Step 4: Now switch to the Data Files window and double-click the account’s data file.

Step 5: You will get an error Can’t find. You can tell Outlook to find it. After that, you can close all the dialog boxes and restart your Outlook.

Move data from IMAP mailbox folder to Mac Entourage

This is the last process in which you need to move all the data from the IMAP mailbox folder to Mac Entourage. Setup the same IMAP email account for Mac Entourage, and then drag all the IMAP mailbox folder data to your Mac Entourage Inbox folder.

Important note: Please perform this PST to MBOX conversion technique with duplicate PST file. And before this, make sure you take backup of original PST files.

Interested users can read this post MBOX to PST Manual Conversion – An Easy Tutorial

I’m not sure about the success of this technique. Sometimes this may not work or fail. You can try a third-party utility to perform this action. SysInfoTools provides a tool primarily designed for handling corrupted PST files, but it provides you some other useful features as well. SysInfoTools PST File Repair cum converter tool not only repairs corrupt PST files but also convert it into other popular email formats which include MBOX. To know more about this software, please visit SysInfoTools’ website and download the free demo version of this software.

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  1. Great blog, providing useful information about how to convert Outlook PST to Mac MBOX. But, sometimes it is better to use any useful tool to convert pst to mac MBOX mail rather then, converting it manually is an time consuming process.