Repair PowerPoint Presentations with Easy Manual Tricks

repair PowerPointYou put a hard work on creating a business presentation. The day comes when you need to show the presentation to your boss, but you just can’t. You find that the presentation is corrupt, and all your hard work goes into vain. Now you must be thinking how to repair PowerPoint presentation. Here in this blog post, you can find few easy manual tricks to repair PowerPoint presentation along with a professional recovery solution.

Data corruption is just like a nightmare for computer users. It may happen at any time due to numerous reasons and result in data loss. Even sometimes permanent data loss can be also caused due to corruption. I’ve often seen PowerPoint users complaining

I cannot open my PowerPoint presentation.

PowerPoint presentations are large in size and have a difficult file structure. Unluckily, the PowerPoint presentations are not immune to corruption and can become inaccessible at any time due to any reason. Before discussing further, I would like to talk more about Microsoft PowerPoint and its different files types.

MS PowerPoint, a part of well-known Microsoft Office suite, is the staple tool that allows users to create slide-based presentations for multiple purposes. In these days, presentations are widely used in almost every sectors, i.e. educational, institutional as well as business and commercial sectors. A PowerPoint presentation file contains multiple slides which are arranged in a perfect order. MS PowerPoint allows users to add various objects to the presentation files, like: formatted text (colorful and monochrome), charts, different shapes, images, multimedia items (audio and video clips), etc. to make them more attractive.

MS PowerPoint saves the presentation files with PPT file extension. This file extension is saved by default in the older versions of MS PowerPoint. In the newer versions (2007 and later), presentation files are saved with PPTX file extension. A PPT file stores all the data of the presentation file in a single binary file, while a PPTX file is created by using the Open XML format that stores a presentation document as a collection of separate files in a compressed ZIP folder. In MS PowerPoint 2007 and later versions, users can save the presentation files with PPT extension.

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Reasons for Corruption in PowerPoint Presentation 

As I stated earlier that a PowerPoint presentation is prone to corruption due to its large size and a difficult file structure. Corruption can make your presentation inaccessible and all your hard work may go to vain. There are many reasons which cause corruption in PowerPoint presentation, such as:

#1 Faulty application: A faulty application always generates corrupt or invalid output. If there are some issues or problems with your PowerPoint tool and you’re using it for creating and modification of files, it may harm the files. The will generate corrupt output in the PowerPoint presentation.

#2 Virus infection: Virus can affect the computer data and its files by overwriting or deleting some part of them. If a virus attacks on a PowerPoint presentation file or the folder in which the files are saved, the file(s) may become corrupt.

#3 Hard drive malfunction: If your system hard drive starts malfunctioning, the stored data may become inaccessible, including the PowerPoint presentation files.

#4 Unexpected shutdown: If a system unexpectedly shuts down, this may be harmful to the data stored in the system. Besides this, if you were working on PowerPoint when the situation of sudden system shutdown took place, the PowerPoint files may become corrupt or inaccessible.

#5 Human errors: Human errors are the mistakes which you do both intentionally or accidentally. They include deleting system files, editing files manually by using Hex editor, etc.

List of common error messages 

A corrupt PowerPoint presentation is always inaccessible and throws error messages on your screen. These are the most common error messages:

  • PowerPoint cannot open the type of file represented by FileName.ppt. 
  • PowerPoint was unable to display some of the text, images, or objects on the slides in the file FileName.ppt. 
  • This is not a PowerPoint presentation. 
  • PowerPoint viewer cannot read C:path\FileName.ppt. 
  • PowerPoint found a problem with content in FileName.pptx. 

Easy Manual Tricks to Repair PowerPoint Presentation

manual tricks to repair PowerPoint presentation

What does come into your mind when you receive any of these errors? Certainly, you must be looking for something to repair PowerPoint files. Luckily, if you’ve backed up the PowerPoint presentations earlier, you have fair chances to get your files back. A backup file helps you restore the backed up copies of those files which you lose due to corruption or accidental deletion. If you have no valid backup file for restoration, you may try to recover the data from the corrupted PowerPoint presentations in the following ways:

Repair PowerPoint #1 – Open and Repair

This is one of the easiest and most recommended methods to repair corrupt PowerPoint file. It takes no more time and no more efforts, and successfully fixes corruption in just a couple of seconds (but only if possible). Microsoft provides a built-in repair feature in its Office components including PowerPoint. The steps required to Open and Repair PowerPoint file are shown below:

Step 1: First of all, launch Microsoft PowerPoint on your system.

How to open and repair PowerPoint file?

Don’t open the corrupt PowerPoint file here.

Step 2: On the File menu, click Open.

How to open and repair PowerPoint file?

Or, you may simply press Ctrl+O.

Step 3: In the Open window, browse the corrupt PowerPoint here.

How to open and repair PowerPoint file?

Click the file once to select it. Now click the drop-down arrow shown next to Open.

Step 4: A list will be drop down here.

How to open and repair PowerPoint file?

Click Open and Repair.

Just after that, the file will be repaired and opened. But unluckily the trick may fail if corruption is severe. In such situation, you can try another few other manual tricks shown below.

Repair PowerPoint #2 – Insert Slides from corrupt PowerPoint file

Step 1: Launch Microsoft PowerPoint on your system.

How to insert PowerPoint slides?

Don’t open the corrupt PowerPoint file here.

Step 2: Create a new presentation file and save it.

How to insert PowerPoint slides?

Step 3: On the Home tab, click the drop-down arrow next to New Slide.

How to insert PowerPoint slides?Now at the bottom, click Reuse Slides….

Step 4: On the right-hand side pane, a short Reuse Slides window will be launched.

How to insert PowerPoint slides?

Click the drop-down button next to Browse, and then select Browse File….

Step 5: Now locate the PowerPoint file whose slides you want to insert to a new file.

How to insert PowerPoint slides?

Once you select the file, click Open.

Step 6: You can see a list of all the existing slides in the selected PowerPoint file.

How to insert PowerPoint slides?

At the bottom of the Reuse Slides window, select the Keep source formatting check box.

Step 7: Right click the first slide in the Reuse Slides pane, and select Insert All Slides.

How to insert PowerPoint slides?

Step 8: Finally save this new presentation and republish it.

Note: You can follow the same steps in Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 and 2010.

Repair PowerPoint #3 – Locating TMP or temporary file

Step 1: Click Windows Start button on the taskbar or press it on the keyboard. Now click Search.

Step 2: In the All or part of the file name box, type *.TMP.

Step 3: In the Look in list, click either Local Hard Drives or even My Computer. Now click Search.

Step 5: After Windows finds your TMP files, click Date Modified button at the top of the Search Results pane. If you do not see the button, you might have to scroll to the right.

Step 6: Look for a TMP file created around the time that you lost your PowerPoint file. Note the folder it is in.

Step 7: Open Microsoft PowerPoint. Go to the File menu and click the Open button. 

Step 8: Click the arrow next to the Files of Type box at the bottom of that dialog box, and then click All Files.

Step 9: Navigate to the folder where the TMP file is located. Now click TMP file, and then click the Open button. 

Repair PowerPoint #4 – Open file in a different way or in different program

If the above tricks do not help you, you may try a different way or a different program to open the PowerPoint presentation.

Different way: Try to open the presentation file in this way:

Step 1: Launch MS PowerPoint program on your system. Go to File menu, click Open.

Step 2: Double-click the PowerPoint presentation in Windows Explorer. Drag the corrupt file to the PowerPoint program file or POWERPNT.EXE.

Step 3: Now open the file by using one of the PowerPoint Viewers.

Different program: Try to open the presentation file in a different program. You can try to open it in MS Word. If you can successfully open the file, you can recover at least the text part of the file. Other than MS Word, you can also try to open the file in OpenOffice Impress. OpenOffice Impress supports MS PowerPoint presentation files and can open them with ease.

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Professional Solution to Repair PowerPoint Presentation

If the manual tricks fail or don’t work, you must consider using a professional recovery software. There are many software companies in the market which provide third-party utilities to repair PowerPoint presentation. SysInfoTools Software is one of them and highly popular in the field of data recovery and email management. It provides PPT Recovery and PPTX Recovery tools to repair PowerPoint presentation files saved with PPT and PPTX extensions respectively. You must download free demo versions of these software tools so that you can check the preview of recovered data before saving them.


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