Repair Word Document by using 4 Easy Manual Tricks

repair Word documentAre you looking for a solution to repair Word document? As no computer file is immune to corruption, so is the Word document. Due to corruption, you may lose your crucial data. Luckily, there are few manual tricks which can help you repair Word document without requiring any paid tool or spending any cost. Also, you can try an advanced Word recovery tool to recover maximum possible content from corrupt Word file.

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word, a document and Word processor software developed by Microsoft, has a variety of uses within the business world, home, and educational sector. It’s a commercialware tool comes in Microsoft Office suite. It’s one of the best Word processor applications to create various types of text documents which include letters, brochures, learning activities, resumes and other documents. The file formats used by Microsoft Word are denoted by DOC and DOCX file extension. The earlier versions of Microsoft Word use DOC extension to save the documents. But MS Word 2007 and later versions use DOCX extension to save the documents. Also, they support DOC extension.

Microsoft Word Supports Different File Extensions:

DOC (.doc)

Microsoft Word doc fileDOC or document is a filename extension used for Word processing documents. The MS Word binary file format commonly uses DOC extension to store data in a single binary file. It contains more text formatting information than other document file formats like: formatted text, images, tables, graphs and charts, page formatting and print settings. MS Word 2003 and its earlier version use DOC (.doc) extension by default. MS Word 2007 and later versions can also create this type of Word file.

DOCX (.docx)

Microsoft Word docx fileDOCX is a Microsoft Word Open XML document format that contains text, images, formatting, styles, drawn objects and other file objects. As a DOCX file is created by using the open XML format, it stores documents as a collection of separate files and folders in a ZIP file. It’s the default file extension for documents created in MS Word 2007 and its later versions.

DOCM (.docm) 

Microsoft Word docm fileDOCM is a Word Open XML Macro-enabled document format that contains embedded macros which can be executed within the document. MS Word 2007 and its later versions use this file extension to automate Word Open XML document (DOCX) tasks by adding advanced macro functionality. You can only open a DOCM file in MS Word 2007 or its later versions.

DOTX (.dotx)

Microsoft Word dotx fileDOTX is a Word Open XML document template format that contains default layouts and settings including styles, AutoText, toolbars, and macros. It uses the newer Open XML-based word document format introduced in Microsoft Word 2007. MS Word 2007 and its previous versions can easily open this file type, i.e. DOTX.

DOTM (.dotm) 

Microsoft Word dotm fileDOTM is a Word Open XML Macro-enabled document template format that contains the default layouts, settings and embedded macros for a document. A DOTM file is used to create multiple macro-enabled documents with the same baseline formatting and macros. MS Word 2007 and its earlier versions which support Open XML format, can easily open this file type, i.e. DOTM.

Common Reasons for Corrupt Word File

Microsoft Word is one of the most popular Word processor applications in the world. It offers so many features to desktop users. But sometimes it may create troubles if a Word document is corrupt. A Word document is always prone to corruption. Due to any reason, corruption can take place in Word document at any time. , and sometimes human errors also. Some of the most common reasons are the virus infectionbugs attackstorage media failuresudden system shutdownsoftware malfunction, abruptly cancellation of the Word programhuman errors, etc.

Whenever a Word document becomes corrupt, you’ll receive some error messages on your screen. These error messages indicate corruption and let users know about it. Here’s the list of some of the most common error messages:

  • The file is corrupt and cannot be opened.
  • Word was unable to read the document. It may be corrupt.
  • The Office Open XML file filename.docx cannot be opened because there are problems with the contents.
  • Word cannot open the document: user does not have access privileges.
  • The document name or path is not valid.

Corruption in Word document is undoubtedly very frustrating situation for Word users. If a Word document is corrupt, you may lose all your data and information forever. In such a situation, a valid backup file acts like a lifesaver for you. If you’ve taken backup of your Word document earlier, you can easily restore it from the backup file. But if you have no backup or the backup file is corrupt or invalid, you have only one solution left: fix corrupt Word file or recover content from the corrupt Word file by using Word Recovery tool.

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Useful tips to repair Word document

If you’re facing corruption, you should try few easy manual tricks to repair Word document or fix the corruption by using some manual tricks. The following tricks are very helpful to repair Word document and don’t require any additional cost or a third-party tool.

Trick #1 to Repair Word document

Open and Repair feature provided by Microsoft

This is a built-in repair function of MS Word that forces Word program to open a corrupt Word file. It’s one of the simplest tricks to fix corrupt Word file. The steps used to perform this technique, are:

Step 1: First, launch Microsoft Word program on your system.

How to Open and Repair Word document?

But don’t open the corrupt Word file you want to repair.

Step 2: On the File tab > click Open.

How to Open and Repair Word document?

Or, you may simply press Ctrl+O.

Step 3: On the Open window, browse the location where the corrupt Word file is saved.

How to Open and Repair Word document?

Click the file once to select it, but don’t open it. Now click the drop-down arrow button shown next to Open.

Step 4: Click “Open and Repair” in the list to let the Word program attempt to repair Word document.

How to Open and Repair Word document?

It takes a few seconds to repair Word document, and it’ll open in Microsoft Word program. This trick may fail if corruption is severe. In that case, you can switch to another trick.

Trick #2 to Repair Word document

Recover Text from Any File” Converter of Word

Microsoft also provides one more built-in feature, known as Recovery Converter of Word program. You can also access this feature the Open dialog box. To use this feature, you need to follow the same steps shown above in Open and Repair trick.

Step 3: Instead of clicking the drop-down button next to Open, this time click the arrow shown next to All Word Documents.

Recovery Converter of Word program

Now select Recover Text from Any File (*.*) from the list.

Step 4: Now click Open, and the Word program will attempt to recover text from the file (if possible).

Recovery Converter of Word program

If this trick also fails due to severe corruption, you can try another manual trick.

Trick #3 to Repair Word document 

Insert Corrupt Word File into a New One

There’s one more trick you can use to repair Word document. You can insert the data from corrupt Word file into a new one. It’s one of the easiest and effective ways to repair Word file. If you have no idea how to insert a corrupt Word file into a new one, you can take help of the steps shown below:

Step 1: Launch Microsoft Word on your system. Don’t open the corrupt Word file. Instead of this, create a new Word document.

Step 2: Now the newly created Word document is opened in your Word program.

how to insert Word document into a new one?

On the Insert tab, click the drop-down button shown next to Object (on the right side). Click Object….

Step 3: On the Object dialog box, click the Create from File tab.

how to insert Word document into a new one?

Click Browse… to select the corrupt Word file here.

Step 4: On the Open dialog box, locate the Word document.

how to insert Word document into a new one?

Click it once to select it, and click Insert.

Step 5: You will come back to Object dialog box.

how to insert Word document into a new one?

You can see the selected Word document in the edit box. Click OK to insert the corrupt Word file into a new one.

Repair Word Document Trick #4 

Open Word document in Other Applications

OpenOffice and LibreOffice can also open a Word document even if it’s corrupt. is a freeware program. You should try to open the Word documents in OpenOffice Writer. If it can open corrupt Word file, you can recover your data from it. Also, you can try to open Word documents in other Word processor like WordPad and Notepad.

Important note

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If the above manual tricks don’t work or fail to repair Word document, we have one more solution: Word Recovery tool. In such situation, we can try some MS Word Recovery software. SysInfoTools MS Word Document Recovery Suite contains five amazing products to repair Word document saved with any of these extensions: DOC, DOCX, DOTM, DOCM, and DOTX. These software tools are highly efficient to fix high-level of corruption and recover data from corrupt Word file. To know more about these software tools, please visit SysInfoTools Software’ website and download the free demo version of this software.

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  1. You can also try below methods to repair damaged Word document:
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